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FCE christmas story

By January 10, 2021No Comments

Το τμήμα Αγγλικών επιπέδου FCE – Lower αποφάσισε με την καθηγήτρια τους να γράψουν την δική τους αλυσιδωτή χριστουγεννιάτικη ιστορία. Την λέμε αλυσιδωτή γιατί ο κάθε ένας – η κάθε μία συνέχιζε την ιστορία με το δικό του τρόπο.  Ξεκίνησε ο πρώτος μαθητής γράφοντας την πρώτη παράγραφο και μετά την έστειλε στον επόμενο, ο οποίος συνέχισε την ιστορία γράφοντας τη δεύτερη παράγραφο και ούτω κάθε εξής, and so on and so forth.

Ας την απολαύσουμε.

It was a week before Christmas when it all started…

When we saw on the news that a sled with a lot of decorations on it had fallen inside a local factory in our city. Experts said that it might not be a normal sled but Santa’s sled. Then, Willy Wonka came out. He was dissapointed and furious. “These things are unacceptable and unprofessional! I quit!”Everyone was really sad, but then a bell rang. The sound was coming from the chimney! Who knew where it was coming from. All of a sudden an old lady around 60 holding a broken bell came out of the chimney with smoke all over her red clothes and burstinto tears. She started yelling” Willy Wonka please help me before it’s too late”. White dust, just like snow, spread in the city . Time had stopped.

Ιf this situation continued for a long time no one would celebrate Christmas. It had been expected that this week would be full of fear and adventure…

Fortunately, a group of kind engineers helped Willy Wonka and his brave crew tbuild a new and better sled. This argument kept the attention of thousands of people who wanted to spend the perfect Christmas day with their family. Seven days after the landing of the sled, hundreds of people gathered inthe center of the inner city to watch Willy Wonka and his friends leave cheerfully to spread the Christmas message. Fireworks made the magic of the celebration even biggerfor the huge crowd which had been given a unique and unforgettable experience.

After that , Goku came to Earth and started destroying it. Then Saitama came and hit Willy Wonka with a powerful punch while Goku was trying to be calmed down by Saitama by giving him melomakarona

Then Willy Wonka with the power he had left punched Goku back and he passed out,After this Willy Wonka ate all the melomakarona buy he didn’t know they were poisonous. His stomach was hurting so badly that he passed out with Saitama and no one was there and they didn’t have anyone to help…..

Then Santa’s daughter came out of nowhere. He helped him by giving him a cure potion. Then when he woke up she told him that she would explain everything.

Then, Saitama came in, holding all the real melomakarona “Bye bye loosers! See you next year!!!”. “Oh no!” yelled Mrs Santa. Then, her daughter and Willy Wonka wanted some explanation about the whole story. “Well, Santa died in the sled accident, but I took his body and buried it, so people wouldn’t find it. But, it is necessary, that someone takes his place at Christmas, and who is better for this job, than his own daughter with the help of Wlli Wonka?”

” That ‘s a great idea and i have someone in mind that I hope will help us , I’m talking about Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore of course the best magician of all time ” said Willy Wonka with excitement on his face……

“Omg!”, Santas’ daughter said.”Κids love Dumbledore so much and they will be so happy to see him that they won’t notice the absence of Santa Claus. That’s unbelievable! After all these problems everything is ready for Christmas Eve!”

Then when it was 1 day before Christmas Eve the elves helped him pack all the presents but he needed some extra help so he chose Santa’s daughter. Thankfully they delivered all the presents on time and they lived happily ever after…